Embers of the Last War

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In the beginning

1st Eyre, 998YK

The heroines were gathered by Bowie’s parents and tasked with going to Peakwatch, and ancient barracks-turned-keep under the lordship of Jovan ir’Clarn. The following day, they traveled by teleportation to the road outside of Ardev with several others:

  • Dorna Goldspun (A lesser scion of her house) of Goldspun Fineries, a member of the Fabricator’s Guild. A trio of humans (Gar [Male], Nibol [Male] and Tress [Female]) are employed by the house as well.
  • Martyn Westbrook (Human Male) who leads an archaeological team from Morgrave University composed of fellow professor Nyala Swiftshot [Halfling Female] and students Jervis [Half-Elf Male], Vindra [Half-Elf Female], Gothore [Half-Orc M] and Ryka [Gnome Female]
  • Idrin Valikir and his entourage of two humans (clothiers/tailors) Alek and Jorna
  • Estrel Windmyr, a half elf noblewoman and her four guards (all human males) Smythe, Algo, Norm and Jerric.

A day’s walk brought them half way to the city and after a brief altercation with Dorna Goldspun the following day, the group came upon a horse-drawn wagon that had clearly been attacked. The heroines found a survivor inside, a young girl who had been hidden under the floorboards by her family. The group decided to track down the goblins that abducted the girl’s family and-sending the child along with Lady Windmyr-headed off to save them.

4th Eyre, 998YK

The heroines tracked the goblins for two days before finding the caves they were camped in. They headed in, killing several of them before coming across a captive they didn’t expect. A half-elf mage named Varus had been captured by the goblins after his Skyship, the Nightengale was attacked coming over the Greywalls. He pledged his sevice to them and together, they slew the goblin chief and freed the family.

6/7th Eyre, 998YK
The party returned to Ardev with the family, and saw them reunited with their daughter. Lady Windmyr paid for their food and lodging, unbeknownst to them. Lia quietly paid their tab and asked the innkeeper to return Windmyr’s money to her, which the innkeeper promised to explain as a billing error.

8th Eyre, 998YK
En route to Peakwatch, the party saves family of farmers from goblin wolf-riders. The goblins are found to be carrying Alchemist’s Fire.

9th Eyre, 998YK (Morning)
The party has arrived at the gates of Peakwatch.

Peakwatch by Day

9th Eyre, 998YK

Late Morning

Bowie scouts ahead to the walls of Peakwatch keep, and finding the place reasonably safe, returns to the group. They’re met by disinterested guards who don’t even bother checking their papers, and are let inside to the courtyard, crossing to the keep proper. The party is met by another guard who seemed to want nothing to do with them, and after being antagonized by Lia, finally led them up to the chambers of Lord Jovan ir’Clarn.

Lord Jovan was unpleasant and dismissive, roughly ‘apologizing’ for the characters being sent to their deaths in the Greywall Mountains when he had specifically requested at least a battalion sized force. The Bowie and Lia took issue with that, as did a more subdued Sharra. Varus silently observed the details of the room during the brief-yet heated-exchange. The group left Jovan’s office after being told that there was no room for them to sleep save the barracks bunks or the stables.

Alone in the barracks, the party discussed their general dislike for Jovan and Varus’ findings-most notably the total lack of the King in any of the tapestries or war memorabilia strewn about his office. Varus also picked up on a primitive scrying enchantment in the barracks that just tells someone if anyone is in that room or not.

Seeking more information before their next move, the group headed to the mess hall for a quick look-around, where they met Jort. After a bit of “conversation” and some assistance with his chores, the very, very stupid Jort was convinced by the group to take them down to the larder/kitchen so they could fetch some wine for Lord Jovan. After taking the three most expensive bottles of wine he had, they got Jort drunk, took him back to the barracks and put him to bed so they could swipe his skeleton key. Key in hand, the party argued for a few minutes over how best to get Jovan out of his room. All options-including arson-were put aside for a plan revolving around Varus performing magical tricks for the Lord and his officers after dinner that night.

With Varus convincing the Lord and Captain DuMont to allow him to perform, the party decided to go about their business for a few hours while waiting. Sharra took a nap, Varus studied his spells, Lia and Bowie wandered around for a while, with Lia eventually making her way to the stables to brush the donkey.

After about three hours from when they left the barracks, Bowie and Lia spot Jovan and DuMont walking out towards the stables. Seeing her chance, Bowie raced into the keep, told Varus and Sharra to keep a lookout for Jovan and to stall him if needed, then made her way into his office.

In his office she found:

  • Contracts and agreements (most notably a contract for a rider from a House Orien guild) and other mundane things in his desk.
  • In a false bottom of a desk drawer she found a pin depicting a crown with a sword through it. (Later determined to be the symbol of the Swords of Liberty, an anti-monarch terrorist group.)

The cloak room and sitting room yielded nothing of interest, and she made her way into Jovan’s bedroom where she found:


  • Letters from ladies he had courted, and porn.


  • A pair of fantastically expensive gold-and-emerald cufflinks, and an encrypted letter.


  • Letters from his uncle, not encrypted, but written in a way as to be so vague that the only people who can understand what they mean are the intended readers. (Everything is implication and tone.)

Under his bed:

  • A trap door leading to a magicaly-lit crawlspace/escape tunnel. Within was a small locked chest with a large bag of gold and four letters written in goblin. (Varus later read these and determined that the letters came from Vash’al Spinebreaker, a hobgoblin who was paid to attack the farms and kill the other adventuring companies.) Bowie took this escape tunnel to it’s end and emerged about 100 yards from the wall of the keep facing the mountains.

Meanwhile, Lia overheard Varus offering his services to Jovan, stating that “his contract was up” (a lie, Varus has no contract with the rest of the group) and that he might be seeking employment. He later claimed to the group (who believed him) that he simply intended to get on Jovan’s good side after the unpleasantness of the earlier day. The last plan made was for someone in the party to offer a toast to the King during dinner and see who reacts, and how.

With a few hours left before dinner, and Varus’ show, the group now ponders what to do next.

Some ideas that were tossed out:

  • Confront Jovan with the evidence.
  • Assassinate Jovan and his Captains at dinner.
  • Assassinate him that night.
  • Leave and deal with the goblins, seeing what other information can be gleaned.
  • Leave and head to a major town/city to request backup.

What will happen next week? Stay tuned when we return! Same Bat-time! Same Bat-channel!

Peakwatch by Night

This post will be edited throughout the day. Sorry about the late post, I’ll explain on Wednesday…

Evening of 9th Eyre, 998YK

The group discussed a few ideas for how to handle the upcoming dinner party with Jovan and his captains, DuMont and Garren. In the end, they settled on their original plan of toasting the King and seeing if anyone balked. After that, they decided, would be the time to give Jovan false information about their travel plans.

After whiling away the preceding 3 hours, they went to the dinner party, such as it was.

GM’s note: For whatever reason, I completely failed to describe what was going on in the room, and skipped straight to Varus’ show. I’m still not sure why…

At the end of the party, Varus toasted Jovan, to the pleasure of the group’s hosts, and Sharra toasted the King. Jovan, DuMont and Garren were all ‘caught’ hesitating to toast him. Bowie gave Jovan the false information, after which, the party left, with Varus heading to the stables while Bowie, Lia and Sharra found a quiet spot in the barracks to talk. They discussed their findings and went to the stables to find Varus and a sadly unbrushed donkey. While the ladies were in the barracks, Varus took a moment to look over the horses, finding a rather large chestnut mare with a brand from House Vadalis (the beast handling house) and was summarily shooed away by the stablehands, who revealed that they were readying the horses for the Peakwatch Outriders who were heading south the following morning. Shortly thereafter he managed to notice enchanted horseshoes on th large mare. After some discussion the group chose to hide/sleep in the stables overnight, while Bowie and Varus kept a watch for the owner of the curious horse. Bowie found a good hiding spot on the ground floor while Varus was covered in hay and watched from above.

Late into the night a hooded figure came to the horse and fed it. Bowie took the opportunity to engage the person in conversation as they left the stables. She revealed that her name to be Nara (double check later), that she’s not at Peakwatch willingly (she’s bound by contract) and that Bowie should leave as Peakwatch isn’t “a friendly place.” With that, Nara and Bowie parted.

Pre-Dawn, 10th Eyre, 998YK

The group awoke early and after Bowie explained her encounter from the previous night they engaged in a lively discussion about whether or not to take some of the horses for a trip north to deal with the goblin threat. At last, the group took four of the horses and their gear from the donkey before bluffing their way past the gate guards and leaving the keep.

Around noon the group spotted Vara racing up towards them. She stopped and spoke with them for a few minutes, informing the party of several important points:

  • She’s utterly bound to deliver her message unread, and will fight to complete her job.
  • The main entrance to the lair is heavily guarded and the sub-chief is down two levels and on the upper floor of a building on the lower level.
  • There’s a hole in the mountain that the goblins and hobgoblins avoid. It might be another way in.
  • The encoded message Bowie pilfered is addressed to the ‘Western Lord’ contains the phrase ‘Central Command’.

With this Vara left at breakneck speeds. The group decided to find a good spot for an ambush and lie in wait for the goblins. They set a fake camp, dug and hid pits within is and massacred the goblin wolf-riders who came for them. One of the goblins trapped in a pit claimed that there were 50 or 60 more of his kin in the mountains, but seemed to be lying. He was killed by Lia before Varus and Sharra could begin torturing him when she heard Varus suggest to Sharra that they begin torturing him.

With that, the group made a proper camp away from the site of the battle and made ready for the next day.

Beneath the Greywall Mountains

Noon, 11th Eyre, 998 YK

The party made good time to the edge of the Greywall Mountains, and opted to take the alternate entrance Vara had told them about. Upon closer inspection, it seemed to be an old sewer sticking out of the side of a mountain. The group found hobgoblin skeletons lying within, which animated and attacked the group, along with zombies and hideous, disembodied hands.

After dispatching these foes, the group began a cursory exploration of the area. they found that the sewers seem to form something akin to a 3×3 grid of corridors with some water running through them. The middle ‘row’ corridor continued off the the left and right beyond the grid, both of them turning back towards the direction from which the party came. Another corridor was spotted, this one running from the ‘upper right’ corner at a 45 degree angle. The aged stone walls appear similar to the architecture found in the first goblin cave the party assaulted.

After hearing two patrol groups moving around, the party decided to take one of them on in the center of middle row. As they slowly ground through the zombies, the second patrol, skeletons this time, joined the fray. Throwing everything they had into the fight, the heroes wiped out both groups and stopped for a rest.

Beneath the Greywall Mountains Pt. 2

1pm-10pm 11th Eyre, 998YK

After a long and exhausting battle, the heroes stand victorious over the foul Hobgoblin necromancer and his unholy creations. Battered from the near-constant fighting they’ve endured in the ancient sewers, the party rested, thankfully undisturbed, for several hours.

Among the necromancer’s meager possessions was a diary that describing his foul work and how he was exiled from the clan.

Beneath the Greywall Mountains Pt. 3

11th Eyre, 998YK

In the first minutes of the new day the heroes had made their way from the lair of the hobgoblin necromancer to the stronghold of Vash’Al Spinebreaker. Bowie scouted ahead, finding a ladder into the upper levels of the cave system and wrecked it before the group carved a bloody path through the few remaining guards outside of Vash’Al’s two-story command center.

Not willing to give up an advantage, the party set fire to the wooden stairs and ceiling on the first floor of the building, spurring the hobgoblins to leap from the second, and into a trap. The combat turned to a massacre as the ill-prepared hobgoblins lost most of their number in seconds, while the mighty Vash’Al was incapacitated and summarily impaled on Charra’s blade.

One of the hobgoblins was carrying a chest with the following:

3600sp, 1920gp
Feyleaf Vambraces
Shield of Eyes
Robe of Contingency
Medic’s Mace
Stone Tablet Fragment
Letters from Jovan ir’Clarn

The Stone tablet fragment is covered in Draconic script which says the following when translated:

A dozen spiders in one web.
Shadows move across the strands.
One leaps, then all.
Old flames reborn.

The apparent age of the tablet and the script seem to indicate that it might be a fragment of the Draconic Prophesy, but that can’t be determined without a scholar or serious research at a major library.


11th Eyre, 998YK

Emerging from the goblin-caves, the party trekked down the mountainside to check on their horses. A light rain fell upon them as they slowly picked their way down the scree-covered rise. Instead of their ill gotten steeds, they found a squad of Peakwatch militia led by Captain DuMont. Varus and Bowie wished to talk things over with the soldiers, whereas Lia and Charra were expecting violence. Varus’ attempts at diplomacy were met with flaming arrows, and battle was joined.

The heroes cut through the ranks of militiamen, finally bringing down Captain DuMont, who dropped his halberd, twisted a ring and exploded in an arcane fire that avoided his own men. With their leader dead the others fell swiftly, and the party stood victorious.

They acquired 4 additional horses (total of 8 now)
A suit of Plate Armor +2 (worn by DuMont)
Camping supplies (tents, cookware, etc.) and rations for 3 days

The party made camp and rested through the night, undisturbed.

All done by fire-light

11th Eyre – 15th Eyre 998YK

Having rested from the previous night, the group came within a short distance of the main entrance to the goblin lair in the Greypeaks. Bowie scouted the area and found that the goblins had packed up anything of value and fled north-west into the mountains. Upon her return, the group spent some time debating what to do next. A consensus was finally reached: they would kidnap Jovan and drag him back to the Medani stronghold in Wroat for interrogation.

With that settled, they slowly made their way back towards Peakwatch, waiting until after dark to approach the secret door from his escape tunnel. Bowie deftly picked the lock and the group entered. After a bit more discussion about exactly how they would kidnap Jovan, Bowie, Charra and Varus went to his bedchamber while Lia waited behind.

Using her father’s necklace, she silenced the trio’s movements and opened the trap door under his bed. Bowie and Charra slipped out to find Jovan in bed with Capt. Garrett, both asleep. Charra knocked out Garrett and broke Jovan’s nose before they tied him up in sheets and dragged him back down to Lia, who healed him (just before he was KO’d again by Charra and Varus.)

The first day of ride back towards Ardev saw Varus and Charra interrogating Jovan over Lia’s protests. Jovan claimed that

  • The Swords of Liberty (through DuMont) ran everything and he was a patsy
  • The Swords recruiter met him in a mid-level bar in Sharn (he was answering a call of another sort.)
  • He claimed to have only me this fellow once, and that he just followed instructions (sent letters, made payments, etc.)
  • His reward was supposed to be lordship over a city currently in Droaam

The party (and their ‘luggage’) arrived in Ardev on the 13th of Eyre. Bowie and Varus went into town where she sent a message to her father informing him of the situation while Varus lived it up for a bit. They brought back some foodstuffs and the group camped well outside of the city limits the first night. The second day saw Bowie and Charra back in town. Bowie received a message back from her father explaining that he had booked 1st class passage on a sky ship named Silverleaf that was due in Ardev on the 15th and to watch their backs, since he couldn’t arrange for any protection. Everyone had some new clothes tailored for their trip while Charra and Varus sold three of the horses. The group and their captive spent a second night camping near the city.

On the 15th, they entered the city and took baths before getting their new clothes together and boarding Silverleaf. Jovan was locked in the brig and put under heavy guard while the group was shown to their suite. By mid-morning the ship took off and began a leisurely course towards Wroat (3 days out). An afternoon of rest and relaxation was followed by a pre-dinner tour of the ship led by Captain Hensworth. While touring the upper decks, Bowie barely caught sight of someone they didn’t expect to see: Jort.

She gave chase, ducking in and out of hiding behind him, while Lia walked calmly along behind her. They watched as Jort went in and out of room 063 and then began making his way to the control room, showing a badge of some sort as he went. Lia was turned back by a crewman that Bowie had snuck past, while Jort walked into the control cabin.

Jort walked, unsteadily as always, towards the pilots and stammered out “I-I was t-told to give you this…” Hearing this, Bowie started sprinting into the cabin as Jort grabbed the ring on his hand and exploded. The pilots died instantly, their charred corpses smashed against the far wall of the cabin, itself a burning ruin. Bowie, having thrown herself to the ground looked up to see the crackling Control Orb roll to a stop next to her as the ship began bucking at around 10,000 feet up…


15th Eyre, 998YK

As the ship began lurching, Bowie grabbed up the control orb and ran through the bowels of the vessel, back the way she came. Lia was thrown through a door and into a cabin along with one of the ship’s engineers, much to the shock of the occupants, while the ship’s captain, Charra and Varus made their best speed to the control room. As the group gathered back up, Varus realized he could do little more than hold a steady course, as without the control room, he was effectively flying blind. In response to his requests to be carried to the main deck, the captain picked him up while Bowie, Lia and Charra formed a protective ring around him.

And up ran Eva Fairmeadows, “Reporter for the Korranberg Chronicle, travel section” asking for an interview. With taking their curt dismissal she stepped aside and followed quietly along behind, her enchanted tablet and quill floating silently beside her.

On the top deck crewmen ran up and down, mostly ferrying passengers back to their cabins and assisting with fire control, and the group took a moment to relax as the captain left. However, this time was cut short by Naibur Tinok and his cell of terrorists who attacked the group. The party drove them off in good order, with Naibur and his cohort Shale jumping off the ship to escape via arcane gliders. Bowie caught Shale with a clever use of her grappling hook, which they (mostly Charra, to be fair) reeled him in like a fish. Naibur thought he might escape, but Varus piloted the ship with remarkable precision and scooped him up on the bow before he could elude them. Lia headed to the control room to assist with medical aid, while Varus piloted the vessel and Bowie and Charra strip-searched their assailants and found them all branded with the same sword-pierced-crown tattoo that the other Swords of Liberty bore.

Eva Fairmeadows spent nearly the entire fight on the floor (after Varus tripped her) making notes and taking pictures. Afterwards, she spoke to Varus who lied about nearly everything he could, even giving her a false name, seemingly just for a laugh.

The now-captive Swords were taken to the ship’s brig by Bowie and Charra, where Jovan and the two marines posted to guard him were found dead. Upon seeing this, Bowie tried to question Naibur, who spat in her face. Much to her credit, Bowie refuse to harm him further, and chained him up securely in the brig, in a separate cell from Shale.

Finally, Charra and Lia took the captain aside to discuss matters with him, and checked him for a tattoo, which he didn’t have. He explained the large scar on his lower abdomen (as well as his Warforged leg) as being from the Last War, where he served in the 36th Brelish Lancers, an airborne infantry division.

All this, and they still haven’t had dinner…


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