Embers of the Last War


15th Eyre, 998YK

As the ship began lurching, Bowie grabbed up the control orb and ran through the bowels of the vessel, back the way she came. Lia was thrown through a door and into a cabin along with one of the ship’s engineers, much to the shock of the occupants, while the ship’s captain, Charra and Varus made their best speed to the control room. As the group gathered back up, Varus realized he could do little more than hold a steady course, as without the control room, he was effectively flying blind. In response to his requests to be carried to the main deck, the captain picked him up while Bowie, Lia and Charra formed a protective ring around him.

And up ran Eva Fairmeadows, “Reporter for the Korranberg Chronicle, travel section” asking for an interview. With taking their curt dismissal she stepped aside and followed quietly along behind, her enchanted tablet and quill floating silently beside her.

On the top deck crewmen ran up and down, mostly ferrying passengers back to their cabins and assisting with fire control, and the group took a moment to relax as the captain left. However, this time was cut short by Naibur Tinok and his cell of terrorists who attacked the group. The party drove them off in good order, with Naibur and his cohort Shale jumping off the ship to escape via arcane gliders. Bowie caught Shale with a clever use of her grappling hook, which they (mostly Charra, to be fair) reeled him in like a fish. Naibur thought he might escape, but Varus piloted the ship with remarkable precision and scooped him up on the bow before he could elude them. Lia headed to the control room to assist with medical aid, while Varus piloted the vessel and Bowie and Charra strip-searched their assailants and found them all branded with the same sword-pierced-crown tattoo that the other Swords of Liberty bore.

Eva Fairmeadows spent nearly the entire fight on the floor (after Varus tripped her) making notes and taking pictures. Afterwards, she spoke to Varus who lied about nearly everything he could, even giving her a false name, seemingly just for a laugh.

The now-captive Swords were taken to the ship’s brig by Bowie and Charra, where Jovan and the two marines posted to guard him were found dead. Upon seeing this, Bowie tried to question Naibur, who spat in her face. Much to her credit, Bowie refuse to harm him further, and chained him up securely in the brig, in a separate cell from Shale.

Finally, Charra and Lia took the captain aside to discuss matters with him, and checked him for a tattoo, which he didn’t have. He explained the large scar on his lower abdomen (as well as his Warforged leg) as being from the Last War, where he served in the 36th Brelish Lancers, an airborne infantry division.

All this, and they still haven’t had dinner…



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