Embers of the Last War

Peakwatch by Night

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Evening of 9th Eyre, 998YK

The group discussed a few ideas for how to handle the upcoming dinner party with Jovan and his captains, DuMont and Garren. In the end, they settled on their original plan of toasting the King and seeing if anyone balked. After that, they decided, would be the time to give Jovan false information about their travel plans.

After whiling away the preceding 3 hours, they went to the dinner party, such as it was.

GM’s note: For whatever reason, I completely failed to describe what was going on in the room, and skipped straight to Varus’ show. I’m still not sure why…

At the end of the party, Varus toasted Jovan, to the pleasure of the group’s hosts, and Sharra toasted the King. Jovan, DuMont and Garren were all ‘caught’ hesitating to toast him. Bowie gave Jovan the false information, after which, the party left, with Varus heading to the stables while Bowie, Lia and Sharra found a quiet spot in the barracks to talk. They discussed their findings and went to the stables to find Varus and a sadly unbrushed donkey. While the ladies were in the barracks, Varus took a moment to look over the horses, finding a rather large chestnut mare with a brand from House Vadalis (the beast handling house) and was summarily shooed away by the stablehands, who revealed that they were readying the horses for the Peakwatch Outriders who were heading south the following morning. Shortly thereafter he managed to notice enchanted horseshoes on th large mare. After some discussion the group chose to hide/sleep in the stables overnight, while Bowie and Varus kept a watch for the owner of the curious horse. Bowie found a good hiding spot on the ground floor while Varus was covered in hay and watched from above.

Late into the night a hooded figure came to the horse and fed it. Bowie took the opportunity to engage the person in conversation as they left the stables. She revealed that her name to be Nara (double check later), that she’s not at Peakwatch willingly (she’s bound by contract) and that Bowie should leave as Peakwatch isn’t “a friendly place.” With that, Nara and Bowie parted.

Pre-Dawn, 10th Eyre, 998YK

The group awoke early and after Bowie explained her encounter from the previous night they engaged in a lively discussion about whether or not to take some of the horses for a trip north to deal with the goblin threat. At last, the group took four of the horses and their gear from the donkey before bluffing their way past the gate guards and leaving the keep.

Around noon the group spotted Vara racing up towards them. She stopped and spoke with them for a few minutes, informing the party of several important points:

  • She’s utterly bound to deliver her message unread, and will fight to complete her job.
  • The main entrance to the lair is heavily guarded and the sub-chief is down two levels and on the upper floor of a building on the lower level.
  • There’s a hole in the mountain that the goblins and hobgoblins avoid. It might be another way in.
  • The encoded message Bowie pilfered is addressed to the ‘Western Lord’ contains the phrase ‘Central Command’.

With this Vara left at breakneck speeds. The group decided to find a good spot for an ambush and lie in wait for the goblins. They set a fake camp, dug and hid pits within is and massacred the goblin wolf-riders who came for them. One of the goblins trapped in a pit claimed that there were 50 or 60 more of his kin in the mountains, but seemed to be lying. He was killed by Lia before Varus and Sharra could begin torturing him when she heard Varus suggest to Sharra that they begin torturing him.

With that, the group made a proper camp away from the site of the battle and made ready for the next day.


varus only suggested torture to sharra

Peakwatch by Night

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