Embers of the Last War

In the beginning

1st Eyre, 998YK

The heroines were gathered by Bowie’s parents and tasked with going to Peakwatch, and ancient barracks-turned-keep under the lordship of Jovan ir’Clarn. The following day, they traveled by teleportation to the road outside of Ardev with several others:

  • Dorna Goldspun (A lesser scion of her house) of Goldspun Fineries, a member of the Fabricator’s Guild. A trio of humans (Gar [Male], Nibol [Male] and Tress [Female]) are employed by the house as well.
  • Martyn Westbrook (Human Male) who leads an archaeological team from Morgrave University composed of fellow professor Nyala Swiftshot [Halfling Female] and students Jervis [Half-Elf Male], Vindra [Half-Elf Female], Gothore [Half-Orc M] and Ryka [Gnome Female]
  • Idrin Valikir and his entourage of two humans (clothiers/tailors) Alek and Jorna
  • Estrel Windmyr, a half elf noblewoman and her four guards (all human males) Smythe, Algo, Norm and Jerric.

A day’s walk brought them half way to the city and after a brief altercation with Dorna Goldspun the following day, the group came upon a horse-drawn wagon that had clearly been attacked. The heroines found a survivor inside, a young girl who had been hidden under the floorboards by her family. The group decided to track down the goblins that abducted the girl’s family and-sending the child along with Lady Windmyr-headed off to save them.

4th Eyre, 998YK

The heroines tracked the goblins for two days before finding the caves they were camped in. They headed in, killing several of them before coming across a captive they didn’t expect. A half-elf mage named Varus had been captured by the goblins after his Skyship, the Nightengale was attacked coming over the Greywalls. He pledged his sevice to them and together, they slew the goblin chief and freed the family.

6/7th Eyre, 998YK
The party returned to Ardev with the family, and saw them reunited with their daughter. Lady Windmyr paid for their food and lodging, unbeknownst to them. Lia quietly paid their tab and asked the innkeeper to return Windmyr’s money to her, which the innkeeper promised to explain as a billing error.

8th Eyre, 998YK
En route to Peakwatch, the party saves family of farmers from goblin wolf-riders. The goblins are found to be carrying Alchemist’s Fire.

9th Eyre, 998YK (Morning)
The party has arrived at the gates of Peakwatch.



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