Embers of the Last War

Beneath the Greywall Mountains Pt. 3

11th Eyre, 998YK

In the first minutes of the new day the heroes had made their way from the lair of the hobgoblin necromancer to the stronghold of Vash’Al Spinebreaker. Bowie scouted ahead, finding a ladder into the upper levels of the cave system and wrecked it before the group carved a bloody path through the few remaining guards outside of Vash’Al’s two-story command center.

Not willing to give up an advantage, the party set fire to the wooden stairs and ceiling on the first floor of the building, spurring the hobgoblins to leap from the second, and into a trap. The combat turned to a massacre as the ill-prepared hobgoblins lost most of their number in seconds, while the mighty Vash’Al was incapacitated and summarily impaled on Charra’s blade.

One of the hobgoblins was carrying a chest with the following:

3600sp, 1920gp
Feyleaf Vambraces
Shield of Eyes
Robe of Contingency
Medic’s Mace
Stone Tablet Fragment
Letters from Jovan ir’Clarn

The Stone tablet fragment is covered in Draconic script which says the following when translated:

A dozen spiders in one web.
Shadows move across the strands.
One leaps, then all.
Old flames reborn.

The apparent age of the tablet and the script seem to indicate that it might be a fragment of the Draconic Prophesy, but that can’t be determined without a scholar or serious research at a major library.



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