Embers of the Last War

Beneath the Greywall Mountains

Noon, 11th Eyre, 998 YK

The party made good time to the edge of the Greywall Mountains, and opted to take the alternate entrance Vara had told them about. Upon closer inspection, it seemed to be an old sewer sticking out of the side of a mountain. The group found hobgoblin skeletons lying within, which animated and attacked the group, along with zombies and hideous, disembodied hands.

After dispatching these foes, the group began a cursory exploration of the area. they found that the sewers seem to form something akin to a 3×3 grid of corridors with some water running through them. The middle ‘row’ corridor continued off the the left and right beyond the grid, both of them turning back towards the direction from which the party came. Another corridor was spotted, this one running from the ‘upper right’ corner at a 45 degree angle. The aged stone walls appear similar to the architecture found in the first goblin cave the party assaulted.

After hearing two patrol groups moving around, the party decided to take one of them on in the center of middle row. As they slowly ground through the zombies, the second patrol, skeletons this time, joined the fray. Throwing everything they had into the fight, the heroes wiped out both groups and stopped for a rest.



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