Embers of the Last War


11th Eyre, 998YK

Emerging from the goblin-caves, the party trekked down the mountainside to check on their horses. A light rain fell upon them as they slowly picked their way down the scree-covered rise. Instead of their ill gotten steeds, they found a squad of Peakwatch militia led by Captain DuMont. Varus and Bowie wished to talk things over with the soldiers, whereas Lia and Charra were expecting violence. Varus’ attempts at diplomacy were met with flaming arrows, and battle was joined.

The heroes cut through the ranks of militiamen, finally bringing down Captain DuMont, who dropped his halberd, twisted a ring and exploded in an arcane fire that avoided his own men. With their leader dead the others fell swiftly, and the party stood victorious.

They acquired 4 additional horses (total of 8 now)
A suit of Plate Armor +2 (worn by DuMont)
Camping supplies (tents, cookware, etc.) and rations for 3 days

The party made camp and rested through the night, undisturbed.



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