Embers of the Last War

All done by fire-light

11th Eyre – 15th Eyre 998YK

Having rested from the previous night, the group came within a short distance of the main entrance to the goblin lair in the Greypeaks. Bowie scouted the area and found that the goblins had packed up anything of value and fled north-west into the mountains. Upon her return, the group spent some time debating what to do next. A consensus was finally reached: they would kidnap Jovan and drag him back to the Medani stronghold in Wroat for interrogation.

With that settled, they slowly made their way back towards Peakwatch, waiting until after dark to approach the secret door from his escape tunnel. Bowie deftly picked the lock and the group entered. After a bit more discussion about exactly how they would kidnap Jovan, Bowie, Charra and Varus went to his bedchamber while Lia waited behind.

Using her father’s necklace, she silenced the trio’s movements and opened the trap door under his bed. Bowie and Charra slipped out to find Jovan in bed with Capt. Garrett, both asleep. Charra knocked out Garrett and broke Jovan’s nose before they tied him up in sheets and dragged him back down to Lia, who healed him (just before he was KO’d again by Charra and Varus.)

The first day of ride back towards Ardev saw Varus and Charra interrogating Jovan over Lia’s protests. Jovan claimed that

  • The Swords of Liberty (through DuMont) ran everything and he was a patsy
  • The Swords recruiter met him in a mid-level bar in Sharn (he was answering a call of another sort.)
  • He claimed to have only me this fellow once, and that he just followed instructions (sent letters, made payments, etc.)
  • His reward was supposed to be lordship over a city currently in Droaam

The party (and their ‘luggage’) arrived in Ardev on the 13th of Eyre. Bowie and Varus went into town where she sent a message to her father informing him of the situation while Varus lived it up for a bit. They brought back some foodstuffs and the group camped well outside of the city limits the first night. The second day saw Bowie and Charra back in town. Bowie received a message back from her father explaining that he had booked 1st class passage on a sky ship named Silverleaf that was due in Ardev on the 15th and to watch their backs, since he couldn’t arrange for any protection. Everyone had some new clothes tailored for their trip while Charra and Varus sold three of the horses. The group and their captive spent a second night camping near the city.

On the 15th, they entered the city and took baths before getting their new clothes together and boarding Silverleaf. Jovan was locked in the brig and put under heavy guard while the group was shown to their suite. By mid-morning the ship took off and began a leisurely course towards Wroat (3 days out). An afternoon of rest and relaxation was followed by a pre-dinner tour of the ship led by Captain Hensworth. While touring the upper decks, Bowie barely caught sight of someone they didn’t expect to see: Jort.

She gave chase, ducking in and out of hiding behind him, while Lia walked calmly along behind her. They watched as Jort went in and out of room 063 and then began making his way to the control room, showing a badge of some sort as he went. Lia was turned back by a crewman that Bowie had snuck past, while Jort walked into the control cabin.

Jort walked, unsteadily as always, towards the pilots and stammered out “I-I was t-told to give you this…” Hearing this, Bowie started sprinting into the cabin as Jort grabbed the ring on his hand and exploded. The pilots died instantly, their charred corpses smashed against the far wall of the cabin, itself a burning ruin. Bowie, having thrown herself to the ground looked up to see the crackling Control Orb roll to a stop next to her as the ship began bucking at around 10,000 feet up…



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